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Bonyan Poushesh Caspian

Being established in 2011, Bonyan Poushesh Caspian Company (BPC) produces several latex-based products. In early 2014, BPC started its operation in the condom industry, using the most advanced machines and technology. Due to the sensitivity of the product and customer satisfaction, great care was done for selecting the tools and machines. We visited famous Asian and European condom manufacturers in Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, and China multiple times. Ultimately, the German company was selected as the main supplier of machines. The distinguished company had 40 years of experience in producing condoms and 20 years in manufacturing machines. Now, at the first stage, Bonyan Poushesh Caspian Company can produce 120,000,000 condoms annually and it has been predicted to reach 600,000,000 items.

BPC has provided its customers with various condoms in terms of physical characteristics, flavors, and additives. Considering the anatomy and physiological characteristics of Iranian and Middle-eastern customers, numerous kinds of condoms have been designed and produced. Diversifying the products, several essences and extracts were supplied by the most prominent producers in Switzerland, Germany, and France. Along with the additives, the unique delay ingredient (Benzokaein from Germany)  has provided more options for the customers.

In order to produce a product according to national and international quality standards, all licenses were taken from the Ministries of Industry and Health and the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran. Moreover, BPC is the first company in the Middle East to achieve the European Commission Standard (CE), which proves the premium quality of our products and the extraordinary capability of national industry.

Bonyan Poushesh Caspian

We hope, with the backbone of our continuous and consistent effort, we could provide the best possible products deserving our valuable customers. Being certified by the FDA and the department of population, family, and school health, Bonyan Poushesh Caspian Company is aimed at providing premium quality products to meet the needs of health units and promote societal health.