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The role of condoms in HIV prevention

To what extent does condom play a role in preventing HIV transmission? Consistent and proper use of condom in heterosexual sex will have a high impact on preventing HIV transmission.

Will using a condom prevent HIV transmission by 100%? No, especially if used improperly and inconsistently. All in all, the efficiency of condoms is lower in anal contact compared with vaginal or oral contact. The most effective way to prevent HIV transmission is to avoid sexual intercourse other than your sexual partner who is not infected with HIV.

What does it mean to use a condom consistently and correctly? Continuous means that condoms are used regularly in each sexual intercourse.

How to use a condom correctly:

  • Condoms should be of good quality.
  • Condoms should be wrapped in a non-transparent cover and not be exposed to sunlight, fluorescent, high temperature or moisture during storage.
    • Always check the expiration date (and production date). It is usable about a year after the date of production in tropical countries, the usage time may be extended in temperate weather.
    • After the penis is erected (but prior to its contact with the genital area), cover it with the condom. Hold the tip of condom and let the air out of it, so that one-centimeter free space is left for semen at the tip of the condom.
    • Roll the condom from the top to the base of the erected penis. Use both hands.
    • Immediately after ejaculation, remove the condom while holding its edge to prevent semen leakage.
    • Tie the condom and wrap it in a paper towel and throw it correctly.
    • Wash your hands.
    • Never use a condom twice.

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